Eyebrow Services Offered at McLean Dermatology & Skincare Center

ADD ON Brow Lamination – $110

Get fuller, feathery brows with our Brow Lamination service. After your treatment, your brows will look thicker, straighter, and combed up into your ideal shape. During your visit, we will apply a gentle solution to make your brow hair straight and flexible. Next, a hydrating serum is applied followed by a natural-looking tint. The shade of the tint will depend on the color of your hair. Lastly, we’ll apply a nourishing serum for a healthy, amazing look! This treatment is perfect for people who are tired of grooming their unruly brows.

ADD ON Eyebrow Wax – $50

Love your brows! This waxing service is for people who want to maintain their brow shape.

ADD ON Perfect Eyebrow Tint – $45

Eyebrows frame your face. Once they are shaped using waxing and tweezing, they can also be tinted. Eyebrow tinting makes them appear more defined and polished. Tinting makes your eyebrows more noticeable and is great for covering greys. Eyebrow tinting will also enhance the general appearance of your eyes and is particularly beneficial for people who have very fair eyebrows and for people who normally use eyebrow pencils to fill in their brows. We offer tinting in the following colors: blue, blue/black, black, or brown.

The eyebrow tinting procedure involves:

  • Cleansing eyebrows with oil-free remover
  • Permanent tint is applied to the eyebrows for 1 to 2 minutes
  • Tint is then removed, and eyebrows are cleansed
  • Client is then free to wear additional makeup, if desired.

The life cycle of the eyebrow hair is approximately four to six weeks therefore after this period of time the hair will have returned to its original color. The treatment, however, can be repeated on a regular basis. It is common for clients to return for tinting monthly.


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