3 Ways To Open Up Your Eyes!

3 Ways To Open Up Your Eyes!

The eyes are a feature often unplayed and forgotten about. Many of us are guilty of swiping a thin coat of mascara on in the car on the way into work and that’s all until it’s time to take it off at night.

Listen up! There is a quick, 3-step system to wake up your eyes without it occupying an extra 20 minutes every morning.

Skip the shadow and dust on translucent powder (Makeup Forever HD Finishing Powder) onto your eyelids (this is just to absorb oil throughout the day). This also will help eliminate mascara from your lashes rubbing off below your eyebrows.

Next, take a pencil eyeliner (MAC Technakohl in ‘Photogravure‘ is
the perfect go-to color), this is the easiest to use on the go. Apply onto your lower lash line and blend with a brush or Q-tip to achieve a smoky look. Avoid black eyeliner because this can have a harsh appearance and be harder to soften up.

The final step in this 3-step process is to apply a generous amount of mascara on your top eyelashes. Never, ever put mascara on your bottom eyelashes. It looks messy and will make your delicate bottom lashes stick together for a not-so-glamorous end result! L’Orèal Voluminous Mascara in ‘Carbon Black’ is great for layering without product build up on your lashes.

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