Regular exercise is important, but no matter how hard you exercise, spot-reducing fat is simply impossible by traditional means. So, if you have a double chin that simply won’t go away, the answer can’t be found at the gym. Here at McLean & Potomac Dermatology, we offer KYBELLA® liquid liposuction injections to address this issue. These treatments are non-surgical and can provide you with gorgeous results with little to no downtime.

Double Chin

How Does a Double Chin Form?

One of the main causes of a double chin is excess weight. When individuals gain weight, fat cells accumulate in various body parts, including the face and neck. Genetics can also play a role in developing a double chin, as some people are predisposed to store more fat in this area. Age can also be a factor in developing a double chin, as the skin and muscles in the neck area lose elasticity over time. This can cause the skin to sag, making a double chin more prominent.

How Do We Address Submental Fat?

KYBELLA® injections work by dissolving fat at the injection site and allowing your body to eliminate it through your natural removal process gradually. The key ingredient is deoxycholic acid, which works by destroying the membranes of fat cells. Deoxycholic acid is found naturally in the human body and plays a role in the digestive process.

What to Expect From Treatment

Several sessions may be needed regardless of your chosen device. Since neither option is surgical, you will not need extensive downtime after the procedures. However, some side effects can be experienced, which we will discuss during your initial consultation. These treatments should not be viewed as alternatives to a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise.

Find Double Chin Treatments in McLean, VA, or Potomac, MD

Improve the appearance of your profile and get rid of that double chin for good here at McLean & Potomac Dermatology. We offer KYBELLA® treatments to help you get the look you deserve. Schedule a consultation at our Potomac or McLean offices to learn more.

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