Double Chin

Double Chin

A “double chin”, or submental fat, occurs when a layer of subcutaneous fat around the neck region starts to accumulate. The skin can start to sag and form wrinkles, sometimes creating the impression of a second chin. This can occur due to age, weight problems, and/or genetics.

We offer a treatment for the double chin called Kybella. The key ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, which works by destroying the membranes of fat cells. Deoxycholic acid is found naturally in the human body and plays a role in the digestive process.

How Kybella Works

Through a series of targeted injections, the fat in the double chin is gradually destroyed, creating a tighter appearance in the neck, and achieving a more aesthetically-pleasing transition between the jaw and the neck. This treatment effectively destroys the fat under the chin. As the fat cells are broken down by deoxycholic acid, they are gradually removed from the body through the natural lymphatic processes.

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