When patients experience a skin rash, it is very common for them to become worried and frustrated. One of the first things people tend to do is to start looking up their symptoms on the Internet in an attempt to self-diagnose the problem. The best way to diagnose skin rashes is to speak with an experienced dermatologist who can study your medical history, ask you the most pertinent questions, and will rely on years of experience to diagnose and treat the condition. We do this at McLean & Potomac Dermatology daily and have had the honor of helping countless patients effectively diagnose and treat their skin rashes.

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Types of Rashes

When dealing with a skin rash, it’s important to understand that there are many reasons why it can occur. Rashes can look very similar to the untrained eye, but a professional diagnosis can help identify the root cause of the symptom and the best course of treatment. Here are just a few examples of common types of skin rashes that can occur:

  • Rubella – This skin condition tends to start on the face and can then spread throughout the body. This skin rash is contagious and can be easily transmitted through contact. A slight fever may also accompany Rubella.
  • Eczema – This condition can often appear as a skin rash. It is characterized by red, inflamed patches of skin that can vary in color intensity and is caused by underlying problems with skin dryness and the skin barrier. Eczema can affect individuals of all ages and may be caused by factors like genetics and allergies.
  • Allergic Reaction – Skin rashes may also indicate an allergic reaction. In such cases, the rash may appear suddenly after eating a certain food or coming in contact with some plants or animals.
  • Fungal Infection – Fungal infections cause some skin rashes. For example, ringworm will present red, circular patches on the skin. This skin rash may sometimes be confused with discoid eczema, which also tends to appear in a shape resembling a disc.
  • Rosacea – This skin condition is often confused with acne because of its recurrent nature and because it appears most commonly on the face. However, Rosacea is believed to be caused by the body’s inflammatory response. Accurately diagnosing this condition is essential for controlling the symptoms and reducing future recurrences.
  • Shingles – This condition manifests in the form of a painful skin rash that is accompanied by blisters. The chickenpox virus actually causes shingles. After chickenpox, the virus will remain in the patient’s body but will remain dormant. Occasionally, it can become active and present as a skin rash.
  • Scabies – A skin rash caused by tiny itch mites, Scabies can be especially bothersome because it causes a relentless itch. Patients who visit McLean & Potomac Dermatology because of Scabies often have a rash that irritates them because they keep scratching the area. Constant scratching can be dangerous due to the heightened risk of infection. This is a highly contagious condition that should be treated right away.

Treatments for Rashes

If you are suffering from a rash, it’s imperative to seek professional medical help. Although some skin rashes may resolve independently, many such conditions need medical treatment and prescription-strength medication. Therefore, please don’t delay treatment.

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