Jenifer Rivera is a passionate esthetician with a deep commitment to enhancing the natural beauty and well-being of her clients. With four years of experience in the field, Jen has honed her expertise in a wide range of esthetic procedures and treatments.

Since embarking on her journey as an esthetician in 2019, she has developed a keen understanding of the importance of proper skin care and maintenance.

Jenifer’s approach to esthetics is rooted in a commitment to creating a comfortable and nurturing environment for her clients. Jen takes the time to listen attentively to their concerns, understanding their

unique skincare goals and aspirations. With this foundation, she crafts customized treatment plans that address individual needs, combining relaxation and rejuvenation with results-driven outcomes.

Jen is eager to contribute her knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to delivering exceptional esthetic services to Potomac Dermatology. She looks forward to providing a transformative experience for each client, helping them achieve radiant, healthy, and confident skin. Come visit Jenifer in Potomac Village!

Jenifers Potomac Spa Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM to 4:00PM


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