Potomac, MD

We have enhancements available to complement your facial and elevate your natural beauty. If you’re interested in any enhancements, we’re ready to help. Our team at Potomac Dermatology offers expert services to ensure you get the look you deserve.

iS Clinical Eye Bright Treatment– $40

A targeted eye treatment to rejuvenate and brighten the under eyes.

HydraFacial Eye/ Lip Perk – $50

Our HydraFacial eye and lip perk treatments are infused with powerful ingredients to rejuvenate the eyes and exfoliate the lips.

HydraFacial Booster– $50

Formulated with active ingredients to target and treat specific skin concerns.

LED Light Therapy– $30

LED Light Therapy deeply enhances your treatment by promoting healing within the skin. Our FDA-cleared device treats full-face wrinkles, and mild to moderate acne while calming redness and reducing inflammation.

Dermaplaning– $75

Dermaplaning, a gentle treatment that exfoliates the skin and removes peach fuzz, is followed by a nourishing facial and foaming enzyme treatment. We kindly ask that you arrive makeup-free.

Schedule Enhancements in Potomac, MD

We provide several enhancements to ensure you get the look you deserve. These treatments take little time and provide you with gorgeous, attractive results. Connect with our team today to get your glow back in no time. Our enhancement services are only offered at our Potomac location.

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Monday-Friday 8:00AM to 4:00PM


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