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Getting a nose ring may initially feel cool, but the feeling doesn’t always last. Over time, many grow to regret their piercings and prefer to see them gone. Piercing removal is a common procedure we perform here at McLean & Potomac Dermatology. This process can be done quickly and easily and requires little, if any, recovery time. Get in touch with one of our offices today to get those piercings off for good.

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Why Have Piercings Removed?

People remove their piercings for a variety of reasons. In some cases, you may simply be tired of the aesthetic. In other cases, piercings may need to be removed if you’re undergoing surgery. Removal prior to surgery is done so the piercing doesn’t interfere with imaging or disrupt the procedure.

How Does Piercing Removal Work?

Piercing removals do not always require medical treatment, but depending on the type of piercing may need it. Dermal piercings are one of the types of piercings that may require removal by a medical professional. A Dermal piercing is a single-point surface piercing different from typical ear piercings. 

These piercings are much more difficult to change, clean, and care for because they are embedded and sit within the dermis layer with an anchor keeping them in place. Since removal is not as simple as removing the back of an earring and taking out the jewelry, it is highly advised to have this performed by a medical professional.

Does Piercing Removal Leave Scars?

Piercing removal does leave atrophic scars, which typically look like tiny wounds or marks on your skin. These scars, unfortunately, don’t go away, but they are typically small and hardly noticeable.

Schedule Piercing Removal in McLean, VA, or Potomac, MD

If you have piercings you’d prefer to live without, we can help. Our professionals here at McLean & Potomac Dermatology offer piercing removal to help you get your pre-piercing look back. To get started, contact our team today and schedule a consultation.

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