Please read all of the information on this page prior to your visit.

If you have questions or would like to reschedule, please TEXT US at (703) 215-2139 – OR CALL us at (703) 356-5111.

If you are scheduled for a visit:

NOW to A DAY BEFORE your visit:
– If you haven’t already, please send us your insurance card using the attached link that is provided within your confirmation text.
– For any copay that may be due at the time of your visit, please attach a payment method using the attached link that is provided within your confirmation text.

5 MINUTES BEFORE your visit:
– Click the the attached “Your Video Visit” link -using the attached link that is provided within your confirmation text – to join the visit.
– If you prefer, you can join the visit from your computer at

*Once you click the link above: select “patient” and enter your cell phone number, enter the 4 digit text code, click our office name “McLean & Potomac Dermatology and Skincare Center,” select the patient name that is attending the virtual visit, and then enter that patients date of birth. You will then see your communication text thread between yourself and our office; locate where it says “Your Video Visit – JOIN” within the texts – and click the “JOIN” button. You will then be asked to give your camera and microphone access. Click “I’m Ready” and wait for your virtual visit to begin!

– If you are having difficulty joining, please TEXT US at (703) 215-2139 – OR CALL us at (703) 356-5111 – and we will help you join.

The link will only work if you have a scheduled appointment

A virtual visit is a real-time visit with your provider that’s done via video call.

If you need a prescription, we will e-prescribe it for you so it goes directly to the pharmacy of your choice. We have the option to send it to Stone Springs Pharmacy so it can be delivered to you directly at no additional cost.

If you need your blood drawn for lab tests, an order can be electronically sent to Labcorp or Quest so you can get labs done for high-risk medications or for any other concern. If you prefer, you may get labs done in our office.

If you discuss any skincare during your visit, all of our providers favorite skincare can be purchased on

The following visits can be done virtually for our established patients due to extenuating circumstances only:

  • Medical follow-ups that have been diagnosed by the provider previously
  • Acne visits
  • Accutane (isotretinoin) follow-ups

If your contact information or billing address have changed, Please TEXT US at (703) 215-2139 – OR CALL us at (703) 356-5111. OR you can email it to us at or

To better treat your skin condition our office policy is that all new patients and/or new skin concerns must be seen in-office.

A virtual visit is billed like all of our visits using the same fee schedule. If you have insurance that we accept, a claim for the virtual visit will be sent to your insurance. Coverage depends on your plan’s benefits. If you pay in full for your visits (self-pay or cosmetic), then your payment will be due at the time of your virtual visit via credit card.

Please TEXT US at (703) 215-2139 – OR CALL us at (703) 356-5111 to schedule your visit.

If your insurance information has changed, please TEXT US at (703) 215-2139, OR email it to us at or

Please include the following information:

  • Photos of the front and back of your insurance card(s)
  • The name, date of birth, and relationship to the primary prescriber
    (Example: Primary prescriber is Jane Doe (Mom) DOB 01/01/1955)

If we do not receive updated and active insurance information, you will be billed for the visit in full.

We hope you enjoy the option to see your provider virtually. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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