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Birthmarks in certain locations can act as beautiful accents. Unfortunately, we don’t have any control over where these marks appear. Often, a blotch can be present on our faces and detract from our otherwise beautiful appearance. If this is the case for you, our team can help. We offer IPL Photofacial and other birthmark treatments to reduce the appearance of these marks and eliminate them for good. Schedule a consultation to learn more today.

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What Causes Birthmarks?

Birthmarks are benign irregularities on the skin that usually appear at birth or shortly after. Since birthmarks vary in size, location, appearance, and origin, their treatments also vary. Specifically, treatments of birthmarks vary by the type of birthmarks: pigmented birthmarks and vascular birthmarks.

Pigmented Birthmark Treatments

Birthmarks governed by pigment, or hyperpigmentation, can often be treated with fractional lasers or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments. Several treatments may be necessary. Social downtime may be needed depending on the birthmark’s body location because these treatments can cause swelling, peeling, and skin flaking.

Vascular Birthmark Treatments

Vascular birthmarks are caused by blood vessels that do not form correctly. These birthmarks can be treated with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Depending on the location of the birthmark on the body. Social downtime may be needed after the treatment because these treatments can cause bruising in the treated area.

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Whether you have pigmented or vascular birthmarks, we can help. At McLean & Potomac Dermatology, we offer effective IPL solutions for addressing these and other pigmentation issues. Connect with one of our locations today to give your skin the treatment it deserves.

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