Beauty is not just skin deep – but taking care of the surface of our skin is nonetheless important. Hyperpigmentation issues like age spots, brown spots, and sun damage can develop without us even being aware of them. The good news is that these issues can be addressed safely and effectively. McLean & Potomac Dermatology offers several treatment options, including chemical peels to help you get the skin you want. Schedule an appointment today to learn more.

Side-by-side photos of a woman's face with and without hyperpigmentation

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

When our skin is exposed to sunlight, the body produces more melanin to neutralize UV radiation present in the sun’s rays. This is the reason why our skin becomes darker (we get a tan) when we spend time in the sun. Individuals who spend a lot of time in the sun or don’t wear sufficient sun protection may eventually develop red or brown spots on the skin. This can happen due to the heavy clustering of melanin pigment in one area, leading to spots of various shapes and sizes.

In other cases, the patient may develop brown spots due to hormonal changes in the body. For example, pregnant patients may develop a condition called melasma, which manifests in brown patches on the skin.

How Do We Address Hyperpigmentation?

Addressing hyperpigmentation starts with identifying the source of your spots and determining the best treatment option. For some, chemical peels may be enough to exfoliate the skin and eliminate unpleasant spots. For others, IPL Photofacial treatments may be a better choice. To determine the best option, contact one of our locations today.

What to Expect From Treatment

Treatments for hyperpigmentation are non-invasive and typically take less than an hour to perform. In most cases, no downtime will be necessary after treatment. Chemical peel results will likely not last as long as laser treatments. However, they can be repeated to maintain the radiance of your skin. Get in touch to learn more about what you can expect and how we can treat your skin.

Find Hyperpigmentation Treatments in McLean, VA, or Potomac, MD

Hyperpigmentation issues can be treated safely and effectively. At McLean & Potomac Dermatology, we’re staffed by dedicated dermatological professionals who can heal your skin and help you feel beautiful. Schedule an appointment at one of our offices to find the best treatment for your skin.

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