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Exfoliation and total skin renewal are right around the corner. Dermaplaning procedures are an excellent way of treating the top layer of your skin and revealing the beauty underneath. These treatments aren’t surgical, don’t require chemicals, and deliver gorgeous results without downtime. Learn more about dermaplaning by connecting with our Potomac Dermatology team today.

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What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a facial exfoliation procedure that improves the appearance of skin by removing the outer layers of dead skin cells and removing fine facial hairs (“peach fuzz”). It is effective for patients with dry or rough skin, uneven texture, superficial brown spots, mild acne scaring, fine lines, and facial hair. 

Dermaplaning is a safe and controlled non-traumatic method of skin resurfacing that leaves the skin smoother and more refined. Your make-up will go on better, and your skin will be very smooth.

Dermaplaning Procedure

The procedure is performed by an esthetician who utilizes manual exfoliation to remove dead skin and fine hairs, stimulating cell renewal. It is a quick and simple resurfacing procedure to remove the thin, top outer layer of skin (dead epidermal cells). It is performed using a special surgical blade to scrape away the problem skin’s top layer gently. This method will also remove unwanted fine, light-colored facial hairs.

Dermaplaning Results

After treatment, your provider may choose to apply a topical product, which will penetrate more effectively on the newly resurfaced skin. This is an excellent option for those who have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate chemical peels or are not allowed to use chemical products on their skin for medical reasons such as pregnancy.

There are no side effects. Dermaplaning is not painful. After treatment, it is normal to have some redness, especially around areas that were treated multiple times. It is important to wear sunscreen with SPF of 30 or more daily. Stay out of the direct sun for 3-5 days after. Those who have inflamed acne, numerous raised lesions on the skin, and/or an allergy to nickel should not have this treatment done.

Schedule Dermaplaning Treatments in Potomac, MD

Dermaplaning may be an excellent option for those who want to renew their skin without peels, lasers, or injections. This treatment takes little time and leaves your skin absolutely radiant! Get in touch with our team at Potomac Dermatology to learn more. This treatment is only offered at our Potomac office.

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