4 Tips For Sexy Stems

4 Tips For Sexy Stems

Well, ladies… summer is right around the corner and with warmer weather means it’s time to show your legs some love! Over the winter months, some of us neglect our legs over the cold months because they’re hidden by pants. Here are some great tips for great summer stems!

  • Start by sloughing off dead skin cells by using a body scrub in the shower, try Dr. Lily’s new skincare line, Lanari Best Ever Sugar Scrub.
  • Shaving can make the leg hair grow back thicker and also has to be done daily to maintain smoothness. An great alternative is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal should only be performed by a physician, read our blog “Dangers of Laser Hair Removal” for more information. Call our office to schedule your laser hair removal appointment before bikini season is here!
  • Moisturize skin with a body cream, not a lotion. Lotions are thin and not as moisturizing as thick body creams.
  • Nothing says healthy legs like a sun-kissed glow. The best product to achieve all around even, healthy, golden color without the risks of UV rays is St. Tropez ‘Bronzing Mousse’, it also elongates your legs, too!

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