Finally! We found a product to help you get rid of your facial redness. Rhofade is a prescription cream that is used to get rid of persistent facial redness.

Who Needs Rhofade?

Rhofade can be used by patients with a skin condition called rosacea, which causes persistent redness of the skin. Exacerbated by many triggers, such as heat, sun exposure, hot food, spicy food, alcohol, etc. this condition comes in many forms. Some people experience flushing while others experience flushing accompanied by bumps that resemble pimples and broken blood vessels on the face. Most people are bothered by the physical appearance of flushed skin and persistent redness. Rhofade can help!

How Rhofade Works

Rhofade takes away redness for the day by constricting blood vessels. Put a pea-sized amount on in the morning and it will make all of the redness disappear in 30 minutes. Unlike other products on the market Rhofade eliminates redness for 12 hours!

How to get Rhofade

Rhofade is a prescription cream. Schedule a visit with Dr. Lily Talakoub or Sarah Walker, FNP so they can evaluate your skin and let you know if this is the right product for you!
Run, don’t walk…Rhofade is the best treatment for persistent redness yet!

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