Beauty Balm.. Love it or leave it?

Beauty Balm.. Love it or leave it?

Using cutting-edge technology, cosmetic and skincare companies are joining forces to create better products that incorporate the aspects of a great skin care along with the complexion perfecting properties of makeup.

Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm, is a product new to the US, but originated in Korea. The idea behind the product is a thick, tinted cream that acts like a moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation and concealer wrapped up into one product.

There is a long list of US cosmetic brands that have their own B.B. cream. The range of sunscreen SPF varies and the coverage varies depending on the product.

For those with less than perfect complexion, beauty balms are not going to provide enough coverage but can enhance skin for a natural look. I recommend applying the balm all over and using a concealer for dark spots and under the eyes. For those with acne-prone skin, try it before you buy it! Some of the sunscreens used can cause oily skin to breakout.

While highly popular in Asia, beauty balms life span on the US beauty scene is unknown right now but it’s worth a try!

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