Playing in the sun is fun when you’re young, but as you age you may find that what was once a smattering of endearing summertime freckles has now become radiance robbing dark spots and uneven pigmentation. In order to properly treat these pesky pigmentation issues, it is important to understand and differentiate between the different types of pigmentation and the severity of their damage.


What to look for: Spots can range from light to medium brown in splotchy patches that are inconsistent in shape and size. This is typically found on the cheeks, sides of the face, nose, forehead, and above the lip. These spots are typically related to hormonal changes and commonly appear during pregnancy or the start of birth control combined with sun exposure.

Sunspots (Age Spots)

What to look for: Spots ranging from a light to dark brown and that develop as small, flat, dark spots. These spots are found most commonly on the face, chest, and hands. As the name implies, these spots are caused purely by the sun.

Post-Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation

What to look for: Spots ranging from pink, red, or brown in color and that develop as flat spots on the skin. These may be found anywhere on the face. These are caused by inflamed and/or irritated acne.


What to look for: These spots can be in a wide range of colors. They can appear to be light to dark brown or even red or black. They typically occur on the face, chest and arms in concentrated small spots. The sun is mostly to blame for this form of pigmentation as well!

1. IS Clinical Lightning Complex and Serum: These two products help with those pesky dark spots by providing antioxidant protection, reducing inflammation, inhibiting the production of melanin, and exfoliating the skin without excess peeling or irritation. These products both have gentle yet powerful formulas to help achieve lighter, healthier skin.

2. 3 Step Vivatia Advanced Skincare System: This three step system visibly improves dark spots and pigmentation within four weeks! The kit includes a Gentle Cream Cleanser, Active Repair and The Gentle Cream Cleanser is designed to help restore your moisture barrier while gently cleansing your skin. The Active Repair Complex is gentle on the skin but yet powerful enough to give you younger, more radiant-looking skin. The Brightening Complex will help even out your skin tone and fade dark spots for more luminous looking skin.

3. Hydroquinone Pads: These work to lighten dark spots by inhibiting the production of melanin which gives pigment to the skin. Depending on your skin type we can provide you with the correct formulation to insure you get the best results. These can be used to help with any of the above types of Hyper Pigmentation.

4. Elta Md Sunscreen: After taking care of the appearance of your hyper pigmentation it is vital that you try to prevent it from happening again, so you need to make sure you are always wearing your sunscreen! Elta Sunscreen is definitely a client favorite here in our office!

Still have questions? Dr. Lily and our Master Estheticians are always happy to recommend treatments and products tailored to your specific goals and concerns. Call us today so we can determine the best option for you!

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