Counterfeit Botox Warning

Counterfeit Botox Warning

The FDA recently announced a new warning about a counterfeit version of Botox that has been found in the United States and may have reached physicians’ offices and medical clinics nationwide. The product was sold by an unlicensed supplier who is not authorized to ship or distribute drug products in the United States. The counterfeit products are considered unsafe and should not be used. FDA cannot confirm that the manufacture, quality, storage, and handling of these suspect products follow U.S. standards, The FDA is not aware of any negative side effects associated with the counterfeit version of Botox at this time.

The FDA-approved Botox displays the active ingredient as “onabotulinum toxin A” on the outer carton and vial. On the fake version, the outer carton and vial display the active ingredient as “botulinum toxin type A.”

Botox injections should ONLY be performed in a doctor’s office. Dr. Talakoub proudly serves as a national trainer for Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, and Kybella. She always takes all precautions to make sure her patients are getting the best care and the best quality product at all times.


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