Double Dips and Dirty Sticks

Double Dips and Dirty Sticks

Double Dips and Dirty SticksHave you ever had a nightmarish waxing and post-waxing experience? A common, very unsanitary, mistake that waxing practitioners may make is double dipping. We’ve all been guilty of double dipping our chips and salsa (be honest!), but a double dipped, dirty wax applicator increases your likelihood for serious infection.

Imagine if the wax being used on your lip was previously used to do someone’s Brazilian!  Double dipping into the wax introduces bacteria into the pot. You are exposing yourself to the germs of countless strangers each time the applicator is submerged into the wax and spread onto the skin. Waxing can pull tiny pieces of your skin’s outermost layer creating a door through which bacteria can easily spread. This will set the stage for skin infections including but not limited to: staph, folliculitis, and ingrown hairs.

Be sure to choose your facility carefully. Before you make an appointment, ensure that your salon or provider is properly licensed by your state and has received proper training in waxing.  Also be aware of any signs of infection. If you experience or develop redness, swelling, burning, itching, peeling of the skin, or fever, contact your doctor ASAP. Finally, SPEAK UP! If you notice that your practitioner is not taking the accurate sanitation steps, do not be afraid to say something! By keeping quiet, you could be putting your health at risk.

At our Skinkure Spa, we are dedicated to the cleanest practices! Call us today for any waxing service! We offer bikini waxing, eyebrow shaping, and yes, even manscaping!

Heather Hodgen
Master Esthetician
McLean Dermatology and Skincare Center

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