Drink Up Ladies for that H2Glow!

Drink Up Ladies for that H2Glow!

It’s not exactly new information that water is good for you. We’re told to drink at least eight glasses a day for clear skin, fresh breath, and good digestion, and now there’s actually photo evidence that shows just how important proper hydration really is.

People who often suffer from chronic headaches are encouraged to drink more water. One woman proved its potency from drinking three glasses of water a day to three liters a day for one month and recorded the results in a photo diary. The results are staggering as you can see here.

After her fourth week of increasing her water intake, she said, “I genuinely can’t believe the difference in my face. I look like a different woman. The dark shadows around my eyes have all but disappeared and the blotches have gone. My skin is almost as dewy as it was when I was a child. The transformation is nothing short of remarkable.”

She was also able to drop two pounds without changing anything else in her diet and workout routine, and found that the minor cellulite around her legs and butt had disappeared. Those are just the cosmetic changes! Smith also noticed increased energy and mental sharpness, and her headaches disappeared.

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