Everyone experiences a little bit of lip dryness here and there, and for most of us it happens in the harsh winter months. Follow these tricks to win the battle over dry, chapped lips year round!

Never Ever Lick Your Lips

When you lick your lips, saliva does not contain anything that will add moisture to your lips. Licking your lips will only leave your lips feeling worse than they did to begin with.

Avoid Menthol!

When shopping for lip balm, avoid menthol because it can both dry out the lips and irritate dry lips cracked.

Stay Hydrated Inside And See It On The Outside!

This is the simple rule of drinking plenty of water will keep you very hydrated and also reflect on the appearance of your skin.

Use A Gentle Exfoliant On Your Lips

One of the many unattractive side effects of dry lips is peeling and/or flaking. Use a gentle exfoliant a few times a week (FRESH Sugar Lip Polish) and follow up with a moisture-rich lip balm (Clinique Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment). If your lips are very dry, or cracked, try a thick healing ointment like Aquaphor Healing Ointment. Pintments penetrate the skin faster and stay on longer than lip balms or creams.

If you are using these tips and still experiencing dryness it could be a more complex issue, so schedule an appointment with your Dermatologist!

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