Filler-Free Tips For Full Lips

Filler-Free Tips For Full Lips

For those who want to make their lips look and feel more luscious, cosmetic treatments like lip fillers are a great option; however, for those who are interested in less invasive, more natural options, listen up! You can make your lips look fuller with a tool you probably already have: lip liner. To make your lip look like it has more volume, start by lining the lip line, or vermilion border, with a shade 1-2 shade(s) deeper than your natural lip color. This should be a nude tone lip liner. Shade the inner lip in with a shade that is just a tad lighter than your natural lip color. This will create the illusion that your bottom lip is plump. Finish with a pale pink or beige gloss. Remember, the darker the color, the smaller it will make your lips look. If you have thin or thinning lips stay clear from dark liner and lip colors. Dark colors generally add age to your entire look, so wear it in moderation if you choose to do so!

One last trick to perfect your lips without a cosmetic procedure: take your highlighter (usually a luminizing powder or pencil used to pronounce the high points on the face) and put a small amount on your cupid’s bow (the “v” on your upper lip). After applied, blend into the skin with an angled brush.

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