Gen-Z is Already Scared of Looking Old

By McLean & Potomac Dermatology | Skin Tips 2024

gen-Z Aging

1. Preventative Aging

Gen-Z is more tuned in and worried about the aging process than any prior generation. Prevention over correction has become the new mantra for many. But some consumers (and brands) are taking it too far. Is the hashtag, #antiaging with 7.4 billion views on TikTok to blame?

2. Baby Botox

Instead of waiting until fine lines and wrinkles become more pronounced, Gen-Z is getting smaller doses of Botox to maintain a youthful appearance and prevent deep-set lines from forming. While embracing the benefits of Botox, Gen-Z should be cautious about the growing complexity of other anti-aging regimens and products.

3. The TikTok Craze

Thanks to social media, people are spending time comparing themselves to filters and influencers more than ever. Filters such as the aging ones, are driving Gen-Z down an anti-aging rabbit hole. It’s important to remember that your skin is not the same as your favorite TikToker.

4. When Is It Too Much?

It’s no surprise that big brands are capitalizing on Gen-Z’s early appetite for preventative skincare. The quest for eternal youth has led to an influx of beauty rituals and products that promise to halt the aging process. The younger demographic of Gen-Z should beware of harsh chemicals and viral routines such as, the “skincare smoothie”.

Visit A Skin Expert

We know access to too much information can be overhwhelming and confusing. Before diving into all the methods recommended by social media, we advise booking a visit with your dermatologist. Your dermatologist will be able to curate a skincare regimen based on your unique skin.

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