If you think eyebrows are just another feature of the face you’re mistaken! Eyebrows can absolutely change the way your hair, eyes and cosmetics appear! I am truly passionate about eyebrows and you should be, too!

Finding the perfect shape eyebrow can be very difficult. Size, shape and arch can truly change your entire look and it is the center piece to your face. To begin, try looking at some magazines and look at what compliments certain face shapes. One thumb rule to follow is DO NOT get tweezer happy!

There are 3 total factors when creating an eyebrow “look”, where the brow should start, where it should end and where the highest point of the arch should be.


Line A: This line defines where the brow should start. You can use a pencil or anything with a straight edge and align it from the corner of your nose to the brow, this is where the eyebrow should begin. However, if your eyes are wide-set eyes you can have your brows start just a tad closer together because this tricks the eye to make wide-set eyes appear closer together.

Line B: This is the line to determine where your arch should be placed. While looking straight ahead in a mirror, take the same straight edge tool or pencil and align it this time diagonally from the edge of your nose to the outer iris of the eye, this is where the arch should be. Make sure your arch is not too pronounced or this is going to make you appear surprised or even mad which is the exact opposite of what we are going for here, ladies!

Line C: Finally this is the line where your brows should end. Take the pencil again and line it up diagonally from the corner from the nose to the outer corner of the eye.

Megan Fox (below) is a great example for wider set eyes. Having line “A” begin closer in will actually make the eyes appear closer together.

There are a couple of items that are going to finish the entire look. A pencil to fill in sparce areas is key, (DIOR Universal Brow Pencil) is perfect because it is one shade fits all. Fill in by making small hair like motions and this is going to make the structure of the brows a little more pronounced. Setting with a clear brow gel (Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel) will make all the hairs lay down in one direction.

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