Love Your Glove (Hand)

Love Your Glove (Hand)

Look at the images below. Do you see any difference in the two hands? These images are of an 83 year old female who is an avid golfer for more than sixty years. One hand looks 80 and the other… the gloved hand, looks 40. That is what sun damage does to your skin and how your glove can protect you.

One of a golfer’s greatest accessories in his game is his glove. It provides a more secure grip allowing for a smoother swing. In the end, a firm grip gives you better control over the direction of the ball.

But, a golfer’s glove is not just an essential piece of equipment. Like many clothing options, the glove also serves as protection from sun damage and skin cancer. Clothes offer some SPF protection from ultraviolet rays, but it is critical that we also apply and reapply sunscreen during the summer months. As athletes, you enjoy the great outdoor weather but it is easy to forget to reapply your sunscreen. And with over one million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year, covering up will protect your skin and prevent aging your skin.

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