Monday, March 7 was Melanoma Monday! So, you have some moles that have been there for years and you see them everyday so you don’t think twice about them. Below is a simple system to follow to monitor moles and spots on your body. A full head-to-toe skin exam is still highly recommended, as a Dermatologist will always alert you of any spots that should be biopsied or looked at for further evaluation.

Follow the ABCDE guidelines to evaluate your moles!

One side of the spot is drastically different than the other side, instead of one side looking just like or similar to the other side.
If the edges of the spot are uneven by having notches or appear to be scalloped.
Black moles, moles with color variation or moles that change color.
Any mole greater than 6mm or larger than a pencil eraser should be evaluated, as well as any moles that are growing.
Evolving moles are any that have changed size, color or shape, be especially cautious with one that is rapidly changing.
Greater than 5 sunburns in your lifetime doubles your risk of skin cancer. Annual skin exams should be performed every 6 months of annually, depending on your age and family history of skin cancer. Call to schedule your mole check today!
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