Men Get Wrinkles Too!

Men Get Wrinkles Too!

More and more men are turning to Botox to erase early signs of aging. Often thought to be a cosmetic procedure for women, men are increasingly showing up at Dermatologist’s offices across the country to take advantage of this wrinkle-reducing technology. Unlike women who prefer Botox treatments in multiple locations for a complete makeover appearance, most men prefer to receive treatments in the forehead and brow area. Men often say that the wrinkles between their eyes make them look stressed out and angry. Since these lines respond well to Botox, the effects can be seen almost immediately. Botox does not make men appear more feminine. These injections simply reduce the appearance of fine lines and make men look more rested and less tired.

Botox has been increasing in popularity for men over the years for multiple reasons. Research has shown that Botox injections are rarely associated with complications and since the procedure is only temporary, there are no long term effects if the client is unhappy with the procedure. In addition, more and more men are now getting Botox and it is no longer considered “something for women.” To see if Botox is right for the man in your life, contact our office at 703-356-5111.

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