1. Myth: Plucking one gray hair will lead to more growing in its place.

Reality: Your scalp is made up of follicles and only one strand of hair grows from that root.  Gray hairs can appear more dull and wiry, making it seem like they are multiplying every time you pluck one.  More grey hairs do not grow out if you pluck one.  To blend greys, try using hair powder like Bumble and Bumble’s Hair Powder.

2. Myth: Greasy foods cause acne.

Reality: It’s not so much the oil but the carbs that can trigger breakouts.  The intake of high glycemic, starchy, and sugary foods has been linked to the contribution of blemishes.

3. Myth: The secret to dewy skin is drinking a lot of water.

Reality: Chugging bottle after bottle of water won’t give you any extra glow.  The truth is dewy skin is a result of oil, not water.  To achieve that hydrated, dewy look try to avoid washing with lathering soaps.  Try an exfoliating wash with glycolic acid or grainy washes to manually remove dead skin cells.

4. Myth: The more the better when it comes to topical products.

Reality: Combining several anti-aging products on your skin can cause irritation, leaving you with a less desired result than before.  Ingredients in wrinkle reducers such as retinol, vitamin C, and glycolic acid when mixed with each other can lead to a red, flaky complexion.  Try only one product at a time.  Introduce new products only after your skin has no redness or is immune to products.

5. Myth: Pricey, professional facials are my only solution for perfect skin.

Reality: Be your own esthetician!  Unclog those pores with a simple two-step system that’s as easy as exfoliating.  First, exfoliate using an acid-based cleanser, such as Glytone Gel Wash sold in our office that gets deep into the pores to remove embedded sebum and dirt.  Then, with a rotating electric brush such as Clarisonic’s Mia, slough away dead skin cells with a gentle cleanser.  This regimen will help your skin absorb the product for a deep clean.

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