Nail Knowledge Part II

Nail Knowledge Part II

Splitting nails is often a frustrating problem. Fancy nail polishes and vitamins do not cure split fingernails! Hydration of the nail and proper nail care is vital to the strength of your nails. Water must be within the nail to allow it to be flexible and bend with pressure or force. Glycerin, lactic acid and urea are humectants which bind water to the skin and hold water in the nail plate.

Here are a few tips to avoid splitting fingernails:

  • Shorten nail length
  • Do not tap nails on hard surfaces like your computer keyboard
  • Keep the skin around the nail in good condition by not picking at the skin or biting the skin around the nail; the outside skin represents the condition of the nail itself.
  • Wear gloves when using any soaps, detergents, dish detergent or household cleaners.
  • Avoid formaldehyde in nail care products as it can leave the nail dehydrated.

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