Not All Under-eye Circles Are The Same!

Not All Under-eye Circles Are The Same!

Under-eye issues can make even young skin look old and tired. If you have slept 10 hours and your co-worker asks if you are “tired”, listen up! Depending on what type of under-eye issue you are experiencing, the treatment changes.

Below are the various types of “under-eye circles”. Tune in next week for treatments for each type.


Darkening skin under the eyes, or hyper-pigmentation, can make someone look much older than they actually are. Your hereditary and genetic background are to blame for hyper-pigmentation around the eyes. Dark circles are much more prominent in Ethnic skin tones, like African-Americans and Southeast Asians because of increased melanin. Excessive rubbing of the eyes or diseases such as eczema may exacerbate under-eye darkening, as well.

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