Problem Solved : Makeup Brushes

Problem Solved : Makeup Brushes

One of my patients brought up a very good question in my office this week. Why do makeup brushes shed?

No matter the price of the brush, there are 2 main components when it comes to having your brushes work for you.

The first main difference in brushes are bristle colors : most brushes are bristles that are dyed black or white, sometimes a very light tan color. The black dye they apply to brushes makes the bristle weak and causes it to break even if your brush is still “new”. When you are applying makeup and you see small black bristles all over your face, it can be frustrating. You start picking them off your face and your makeup is no longer perfect. Stick with using white, tan or undyed bristle brushes. These bristles are stronger and shed less. One of my favorites is the Sephora Pro Bronzer Brush #48 (

The 2nd half of having your brushes become the best items in your cosmetic bag is taking proper care of them, this is very important! Wash 1-2 times per week by running lukewarm water over the brush and rinsing the brush before any soap is applied. Then apply a dime sized drop of a mild facial cleanser to the palm of your hand and work the brush in a circular motion to create a rich lather. Finally rinse numerous times until no “suds” are rinsing from the brush. Lay clean brushes flat on a towel and let dry overnight. Do not put the brushes back in your make-up bag until they are finished drying, bacteria can form if a moist brush sits in your cosmetic bag all day.

Cosmetic brushes can be pricey, remember : the more you maintain your beauty tools, the longer you’ll be able to use them!

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