Why You Should Rethink Dermal Piercings

Why You Should Rethink Dermal Piercings

Unlike traditional piercings that go inside one point of the skin and outside of the other, dermal piercings are single-point surface piercing. These types of piercings are much more difficult to change, clean, and care for because rather than piercing through the skin, it is embedded and sits within the dermis layer with an anchor keeping it in place. These piercings also have a tendency to get pulled and snagged easily.

The tricky part comes when a person with this type of piercing wants to have it removed. Since removal is not as simple as removing the back of an earring and taking out the jewelry, it is highly advised to have this piercing removed by a medical professional. After screwing off the top decorative portion of the jewelry, the anchor itself must be removed. These anchors have a flat, T-shaped base, so removing it by yanking the anchor out is not optimal. Thus, in order to remove the anchor without ripping excess skin and causing a potentially large scar, a small incision needs to be made over the arm of the anchor.

While we are not telling you to cancel your next piercing appointment, we do advise you to think about care of your new piercing and to keep in mind that if you ever do decided that you no longer want this embellishment on your body, removal may not be as easy as you thought. Contact McLean Dermatology & Skincare Center if you are interested in dermal piercing removal!

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