The Dangers of Search Engine Diagnosis

The Dangers of Search Engine Diagnosis


On the first onset of a cold, many of us turn to various Internet search engines for symptoms of the current bug that has decided to creep up on us. When all else fails, “Google it!”

However, the Internet is NOT a doctor. There are dangers associated with these search engine diagnoses.  Research shows that more than half of the information on the Internet relating to medicine was proved both inaccurate and irrelevant.  Online tools are meant to be informational, not provide medical advice.  The intention is to inform people and should not serve as a substitute to a medical professional.  Any treatment options provided on these sites should be consulted with a doctor before any actions are taken, as all treatments may not apply to everyone.

So if you have a rash or lesion that is not healing, call us for a visit or skin check.  Self-education is important. With the guidance of a medical professional you can rest easy knowing you have received the most knowledgeable treatment options available.

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