The Three Biggest Hair Myths… Put To Rest.

The Three Biggest Hair Myths… Put To Rest.

One : A cold water rinse will give you shiny strands.

This has been a rumor in hair salons for ages, how does it work? The frigid water temperature will force your hair cuticle to close so that it lays flat and reflects light, as opposed to enlarged and dull looking. A scientific fact that makes that impossible is your hair does not contain cells that can react to hot OR cold water temperature. To insure a high shine finish, use treatments or styling aids that are rich in oils or contain silicone which both smooth the cuticle. Avoid dyeing hair and utilizing hot styling tools too frequently.

Two : Monthly trims will boost your growth.

This one is simple. Trimming the ends of your hair does not affect the follicles in your scalp, which determine if your hair grows rapidly or very slow. Across the board, hair grows approximately 3 millimeters in a month whether or not you’ve trimmed it. Regular cuts get rid of split ends which reduces breakage. Breakage makes hair look damaged, short and unruly. Schedule a trim every 12-14 weeks and ask your stylist to take only the split ends off and clean up the layers (if you have them).

Three : If you always wash with the same shampoo, it’ll stop working.

Filling your shower with 4 luxe brand shampoos isn’t necessary to keep your hair feeling clean and revitalized. However, your shampoo will work regardless of how often you use it. If you have recently dyed your hair, you should incorporate a “color care” shampoo for at least 1 week after you apply the color (Kerastase Bain Miroir $36 @ For everyday care, stick with your personal favorite and use a rich conditioner on the ends for a smooth finish.

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