We have come a long way from hot rollers and velcro-based curlers. In todays hair care isles you will find items that sound like they were NASA’s brainchild. The terminology is confusing, but what’s worse is finding the right tool for you – that is where we can help! This is your go-to guide to take the turmoil out of the terminology and turn your mane into a head of hair any girl would envy.

First, lets start with the terms:

Ceramic – the heat source in your tool is made with ceramic instead of metal. Ceramic will regulate itself and will prevent over-heating (decrease in heat = decrease in damage). Ceramic will also make your hair smoother, shinier, and seal in the moisture.

Ionic – negative ions are used to shrink water droplets and neutralize static-causing positive ions. This cuts the drying time and prevents frizz.

Nano – water molecules are broken down into tiny particles. This allows more moisture to seep into your hair and decreases frizz.

Tourmaline – this is a stone that releases negative ions and far-infrared (aka long wavelength) heat. It knocks out static producing positive ions, reduces drying time, and closes hair cuticles leaving your hair silky smooth.

So what are the best tools for your hair?

Curly Girls – go for tools that say ceramic, ionic, or nano. These properties will smooth the hair and drop the drying time. Ionic dryers will save you time and ceramic or tourmaline curling irons can give your hair a more defined look.

– Dryer: Chi Rocket Professional
– Curling iron: Amika Curler

Stick Straight – tools with any of the properties are great for your hair. Try tourmaline to reduce drying time lessening the damage done by heat.

– Dryer: Revlon Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt Dryer
– Straightening iron: Sedu Icon Prive

Limp/Fine Hair – try using a round ceramic brush to give your hair volume and dryers with different heat settings are important for your thin delicate strands. Preventing your hair from overheating will help deter breakage and maximize its growing potential. Using a dryer with multiple properties will help prevent static.

– Dryer: Conair Infinity Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Styler 223X
– Brush: Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Mega

Girl-on-the-go–No need to subject yourself to damaging effects of a hotel wall-mounted dryer. Different ceramic dryers and flat irons now come travel-size!

– Dryer: Andis 1875 Ceramic Folding Dryer with retractable cord.
– Straightening Iron: Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium

Bonus: To dry hair in even less time try a brush with synthetic and bore bristle combo. Bore bristles are gentle on the hair and synthetic bristles will dry hair faster!

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