Under Eye Concealer vs. Blemish Concealer

Under Eye Concealer vs. Blemish Concealer

Conceal (kuh n – seel): to hide or remove from observation; cover from sight; keep secret.

We are well aware of what a concealer can do for our unwelcome facial flaws.  It’s no secret that we utilize makeup to cover up unwanted blemishes from the public eye.  There is a difference though between under eye concealer and blemish concealer. Do NOT use one product for both problems because they are not the same.

The trick to getting the perfect concealer is based on color, not product. The redness caused by a blemish is best concealed with a green or yellow-toned concealer. Choose one that is the same color of your skin tone.

For those persistent under eye circles that are a blue/brown hue, choose a pink-toned concealer.  For the region under your eyes, the concealer should be several shades lighter than your skin color. This highlights your eyes giving them a fresh, bright look.

Each problem area has a different cause and a different regimen for proper coverage.

What comes first, foundation or concealer? Always put foundation on first and then highlight with the concealer.  Using a makeup brush will provide the best coverage for both foundation and concealer. Choosing the right color to fit the problem will give you the best results.

Remember makeup not only conceals but also contours your face so choose wisely!

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