Food Industry Marketing

Food Industry Marketing

Did you know that every year the average American eats:

  • Thirty three pounds of cheese, triple that amount that was consumed in 1979
  • Seventy pounds of sugar, about twenty two teaspoons a day
  • 8,500 milligrams of salt a day, double the recommended amount

With these facts it is clear why twenty-six million Americans have diabetes and one-in three adults and one-in-five kids is clinically obese.

Meanwhile, instead of altering products to make them healthier the food industry is instead constantly changing marketing campaigns and ingredients to keep up with the next fad. By decreasing one ingredient but at the same time pumping up another ingredient, companies are still able to sell themselves as “fat-free or low-salt”. It is a common technique used to deceive the consumer in thinking they are consuming a healthier product while in reality it may have been altered in a way that actually makes it worse for you.

When grocery shopping it is best to avoid all the low salt, low fat, low sugar fads, they are all just a manipulation of ingredients for marketing purposes. A diet high in protein and vegetables and low in processed food is still historically the best diet for your health. Consumers need to be aware that 90% of labels are JUST marketing.

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