Halloween Makeup 101

Halloween Makeup 101

Halloween Makeup

To avoid allergic reactions and breakouts from thick Halloween makeup be sure to follow these steps.

You’ll want stay away from thick white/colored makeup on the skin. Go for thin waterproof makeup instead.

Ingredients to Avoid:

Silicon & Dimethicone

Do a skin patch test!

Before you cover your entire face in makeup test the products on a small area of skin. In this case it is much better to be safe rather than sorry later. Just like any new product you’re trying out face paint/makeup is no different; there could be irritants in the products that just don’t agree with your skin.

Watch out for your Eyes!

Make sure any product you plan on using around or near your eyes will not irritate or harm them. This is where reading a label is absolutely necessary.

Clean it off!

Be sure to wash it off with makeup remover right after! You do not want to let the makeup simmer on your skin and block pores.


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